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STAR WARS - Ahsoka vs Grievous

What started initially as a short fun entry to the monthly AnimChallenge, resulted in some fan-love for the greatest sci-fi fantasy ever made.


MOTIF Director: Craig Hunter Parker

Producer: Jacques Bock

Character Animation: Linda Middleton

3d Environment

Modelling: Shaakir Cassiem

Art Direction: Craig Hunter Parker

Compositing & VFX: Craig Hunter Parker Grading: Motif Studios


Music by: Pressure Cooker

Composer: Elben Schutte

Score Supervisor: James Matthes

Final mix by: James Matthes & Kyle Koekemoer Sound designers: Denys Blecher, Colin Daniels, Alec Mackay, James Matthes, Kyle Koekemoer Supervising sound editor: James Matthes Producer: Astrid Iverson

Audio facility: Pressure Cooker Studios


Character rigs Ahsoka Tano for Maya was created by: Laura Peltomäki

[3D Model] Emilio Serrano Garcia [Rigging]

General Grievous rig for Maya was created by Agora Studio.

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