Yolande Botha - director



Armed with a BA Honours in Scriptwriting & Directing, plus 13 years experience in advertising as a conceptual copywriter, Yolande is the guiding force behind The Brave Cartel. She uses her professional and life experience to generate attention-grabbing film and branded content ideas and scripts. She has worked on clients in numorous sectors, from car brands and fast food outlets to financial institutions and mobile networks. A religious believer in "concept is king" and the power of collaboration, no idea from any member of the team is ever taboo. With the amount of passion, attention to detail and laughter that goes into every project, it's very clear she loves what she does.

Lina and Leo | Short Film Trailer

When We Were Kids | Afrika Burn 2013 & 2014

Panarottis | TVC

Guinness Africa | Made of More

Sollywood | TVC

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